Saturday, November 03, 2007


Many years ago (25!) I had a home away from home while I was attending Purdue. I started hanging out at the Baptist Student Foundation and truly the people there became like family while I was at school. Joe used to come and visit on the weekends, and he got to know everyone there well as getting to attend some of the retreats and Bible studies. Even though many of us grew up in Baptist churches around Indiana, this was our first time living our faith away from home. We learned a lot during those years.Much of it due to our truly crazy pastor at The Found...Howie Ness. I'm not sure I've ever met someone who connects better with people of all ages than Howie. He and Jean were a great example of what a christian couple looks like for many of us. Quite a few of us met our mates at The Found. I already knew Joe...but Howie married us there.
This weekend we attended a reunion of folks who attended The Found when Howie was pastor there. It covered many years, so not all of us knew each other...but some of the wonderful folks I went to school with are in the picture below. People from The Found have gone on to serve and lead in churches around the country. I passed out my blog address to a few people there, so if you are an old classmate visiting please email me at louie31 at
After the reunion, Joe and the kids and I walked around campus. I always liked Purdue's campus, but it's more beautiful now than it was then. The kids went with us and they were great about all the reminiscing going on.

People actually used these things? Yes, there really was a time not so long ago when we didn't carry phones in our backpacks.

Joe and I standing on a little terrace at the Union. This was one of my favorite places to study when it was nice out.
If your kids are going to Purdue and looking for a church home I'm sure they are welcome at the Baptist Student Foundation. They have a wonderful pastor in Shawn Zambrows and the nurturing continues.

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