Tuesday, November 20, 2007

If your hardwoods need refreshing...

I'm sprucing up for Thanksgiving Day and our dining room floor really needs to be refinished. We did them when we moved here 20 years ago, and since we've never had a rug in that room there's 20 years of chair scuff marks. I decided to try Orange Glo's Hardwood Cleaner and Polish and I think it did a pretty good job. I'm sure it won't last forever but it definitely helped cover the scratches and gave the floor a nice shine. I'm going to be looking into refinishing the floors soon.

On other fronts, last Friday Joe spent his day off under the house roto rooting our sewer line which turned out to be full of roots. Poor guy, he was supposed to be deer hunting that day. Things seem to be working fine...thank goodness since we are having Thanksgiving dinner for the family this year.

10\20\30 Meme:
I was tagged for a meme by Dot at Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Tell what you were doing 10/20/30 years ago.
10 years ago I was 35 and a stay at home mom. I loved this time..our daughter was 7 and our son 10. This was a time of scout meetings and PTO. We had been living in this house for 9 years and I was starting to realize that our remodeling was going really slow. We went gang busters for the first 6 years and then I think Joe got burned out on it some. That was frustrating. I was volunteering at church and at a house museum here in town.
20 years ago I was 25 and we were getting ready for Thanksgiving with our brand new baby boy. The thing we were most thankful for was our son's good health...our first baby died of a form of MD, so it was scary to have another. We were living in a tiny town in the country and thinking about moving into the town where we go to church (where we live now). We went to my in-laws for Thanksgiving that year...big family get together that was always a good time.
30 years ago I was 15 and a sophmore at Muncie Central High School in Indiana. I had a crush on the boy I had met 2 summers before and saw each summer (Joe!). That was the year our basketball team went on to win state championship (I'm a Hoosier...that would stick out in my mind!) and the season would have been just beginning. I was a very earnest student who got all A's. I was on the swim team and worked on the school plays and kind of shy. It wouldn't be long and we would be moving again to a new school in Indiana by the next school year. I was (and am) very close with my family which helped make the moving more bearable. That boy I crushed on would help us with that move and we would start dating after that.

I tag Allison, Robolady, and Judy.


Dot said...

I've never noticed any scuff marks on your floors! So what is your menu for Thanksgiving? And thanks for the meme...even though I pretty much know everything you said, I still liked hearing it again.

Robolady said...

Thanks for the Tag, very interesting game. I will play, look for the post in a a couple of days. Thanks for thinking of me, Now I've got to remember what I was doing 10, 20, 30yrs ago. :)

Allison said...

Thank you for tagging me. I'll enjoy doing this one - so fun. I really like hearing what you were doing 10/20/30 years ago. So interesting to hear about different parts of your life. I'm so sorry to hear about your first baby. I'm very glad though that your next two children are healthy and doing well.


Judy said...

Hi Joyce, I hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Thanks for the tag, I'll have to really pick my brain some.

Jen@The Cottage Nest said...

Joyce- I don't know why it took me so long, but I've just discovered your blog. Love it here! Jen