Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Once, several years ago my mom and I had an antique shop called Home Again. Actually we were two separate antique businesses sharing expenses on one store, but our stuff blends so well.
When we first opened we were in this tiny little store that used to be a barber shop. It was tiny but cute....really more the size of a few antique mall booths.
After a very short time we decided to move around the corner to the shop in the front of the building. Still a small shop, but it faced the square and was much bigger than our old one. Our husbands were so sweet about this....because they did a lot of work moving us in and then moving us again.

We stayed in this building for two years, but eventually we decided to close our doors. We had some wonderful loyal customers...intown and from out of town....but we just couldn't seem to generate enough traffic. When fuel prices went through the roof we closed our doors and moved to an antique mall. I was a little sad, but fine with left me more time to be at home and I love that.
Fast forward to today....and there is a new development. We have a beautiful historic building in town that houses an antique fact ten years ago my sister and I had space in this mall and worked there a couple of times a month. Their manager is moving to a space of her own and the powers that be have asked me to manage the mall. I think the arrangement will benefit us both. The not-for-profit that administers the site gets a manager, and the manager gets a large amount of space in the store. After much consideration (I really like my time at home!) I've decided to give this a try. I'm excited, and a little nervous. Stay tuned.


Andrea said...

What a great opportunity!

The pictures of your home make me drool. What a lovely house and what a nice job you are doing of restoring it. I love discovering new blogs like yours.

Allison said...

Love the pictures of your old shop, and I'm very excited for you about your new opportunity. Good luck and I wish you well.
Allie from Minneapolis

Peggy said...

we have a hard time finding shops like yours today, I would like to know your location, if not too far away we could arrange a visit. thanks.