Friday, March 02, 2007


Our son patching holes in daughter's room. He has never done the painting and all before and he's less than enthusiastic about all the prep work it takes. This is, however, proving to be an educational experience. We are almost ready to paint. Took the windows to the glass guy yesterday........Joe could do the windows, but he's right in the middle of an outage at work and working insane hours.


Allie from Minneapolis said...

Hi might not like painting/preping now, but after he helps he'll probably like being able to tell people that helped to paint the room. I think you're right, it's great experience. I'm excited to see the finished product (I bet you and your daughter are too). I'll be back to check in :o)

Allison said...

Joyce, it is so funny that it was you who I bought the bunting from!! I didn't realize it was you either :o) I'm so happy that I bought it from a blogging friend. I was trying to see if I could find an email address for you (or rather, the person who who sent me the bunting since I didn't know it was you). I thought I would just send you a thank you note back to let you know how much I love it. But now, we realize who is who and I'm so glad. Really, I just love the bunting - you did a great job. I also love the book mark too and am using it. Just last night while I was reading I was showing my husband the book mark and telling him how much I like it. Thank you so much! Your friend, Allison

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