Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Using the Old Woodwork

Look at this! Joe found enough window trim that is stained rather than painted! So, if I can manage to stain that little bit of new wood to match so it won't stick out like a sore thumb, the new window will go with the rest of the room rather than being painted.

About 18 years ago, we changed the roofline on the back of the house, due to some bad remodeling by previous owners. In the process, we had to lose one window from each of two bedrooms. One of the windows we had to remove was from this room, so it's very possible that that trim came from this room in the first place.

There's a lesson in there. We stashed that trim from the old windows in the garage....and now we are using it. If you are just starting to renovate an old house, and you have to remove pieces from it, don't throw them away! Stash it over your garage doors or some other out of the way place. Even if it stays there for years, that's ok! You never know when you might need some of that old trim...and it's not easy to find if you have to buy it.

Here's the window from the stair side. Pretty cool!


Dawn said...

BEAUTIFUL and so smart!!!

pedalpower said...

Thanks Dawn!

Luni said...

Nice window job! I'll echo your suggestion about saving trim and other wood. Our restoration was completed in 08. During the demo, we kept every little piece we removed, even though we couldn't imagine how we would use it. Now that stash of "useless" wood is almost used up.