Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Day!

This is just a collection of random photos from Christmas Day. Please excuse all the pjs and such...we just stay in them while we open presents. We did stockings, had french toast and then opened presents. This is me handing out stockings...the part I like is Hawkeye watching closely.

Here's Joe in his new hat I knit him...and a cool cup I found at an antique shop.

The kids examining their tools for Mike from Jill. Cool and crazy hat from the grandparents.

Relaxing and reading instructions by the Christmas tree.

Playing with the cameras.

Joe and me

Apparently Cowboy stuff is appealing to grandpas and grandsons!

Mike and Jill


Jenny said...

Beautiful family :) I think it's the norm for PJ's on Christmas morning. Hey, if we hadn't of had to go out of the house that day, I would have stayed in my PJ's! Looks like you all had a great Christmas!

Dot said...

I know someone who always gives her children new pjs on Christmas Eve so all the Christmas pics are not ratty the next morning. LOL

The pics made me feel like I was there! Love you!