Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Priming the Bathroom/ Before Shots

I've been working on priming the trim and doors that you saw in the last post, and I thought I'd give you some background on this room. this is what it looked like when we bought the house. Complete with plastic, sort of wood looking vanity.
We bought this house in 1988 and this definitely looks like an eighties bath in an old home. In 1999 we decided that we couldn't stand it any longer. I tried to strip the wallpaper, but the wall board came with it. We did not want to gut the room at this point, so I decided to cover it if possible.
Joe and I primed lots of paper bags and tore them up into random pieces which my sis and mom and I applied with wallpaper paste. We planned to do a paint treatment over the paper.
At this time, I got terrified that I had actually made an even worse mess of the bathroom and that we'd still have to gut it.
So I mixed up some paint and did the wall behind the door...and I liked it pretty well!
We found a brand new Kohler sink at a garage sale for a dollar. Which seemed like a great deal until we realized it was a very unusual sink and would require a faucet which cost a couple of hundred bucks over what we would usually spend on a faucet. We bit the bullet and ordered the faucet. Here you see Joe constructing the counter top. He also laid a green vinyl floor.
Counter top almost done. You can see that we had to curve it back to make way for the closet (under the stair) door. I don't have pic, but a skirt hangs under this counter to cover the storage space. I wanted a vintage mirror with no medicine cabinet, but Joe wanted a medicine cabinet. Sometimes you have to compromise...I know Joe does what I want a lot, so turn about's fair play. I'm still not wild about the light on this, and may be trying to find a way to alter the lighting situation and a still keep the cabinet. Any ideas?
The business end of the room. I etched the glass on the window so we wouldn't have to have a curtain. I would love to replace the window with a bigger sash window like in the rest of the house. We could put shutters over the bottom section.

Now the room has been like this for years. We had shower doors for a long time, but they were a pain and now we have a curtain. As you can see I painted the trim a darker color the first time, and now I am going to paint it a lighter creamy color to try and freshen it up. Except the ceiling trim...I like how that kind of just blends in with the border. I'll keep you posted and show more pics as I get things back together.
Today's work....... filled nail holes and primed the doors and jams.
My helper got a little primer on his nose.

While I was doing this, Joe was up on the scaffold painting the fishscale siding on our front gable.


Anonymous said...

Wow, it's looking great. Can you come and do mine? LoL

A Lovely Thing said...

When you're done with Judy's, I've got TWO 1990's baths that need help :)

Really like that sink. What a bargain! Can't wait to see the faucet.

Dot said...

You did a good job of updating it. I think it's lovely. I can't wait to see the finished room.

Today we spent the day painting chairs, a small cabinet, and a mirror frame. I'm on a roll!

Sue said...

What a transition! It looks so much more homey and welcoming! I love all your mouldings!

Anonymous said...

i love the walls - i was just looking for something like this for in our basement. How did you do the painting? Did you use a galze? i love the results!! ]


pedalpower said...

I took a brown shade and mixed it with cream to make 3 different shades. Then I thinned it with water (but glaze would probably work better). Then I brushed on the paint on the wall...some of each color in a patch about two feet square at a time. I used saran wrap scrunched up to push the color around and lift some off. Then when it was dry I went over it with a clear acrylic poly to make it really washable...and it gave it extra depth too.