Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bathroom Finished

We just spiffed it up a little by trimming out the floor and painting all the trim a fresh lighter cream color. The rest of the stuff we did in a previous makeover 8 years ago.

The magazine rack is a rail off of an old baby crib. I got 2 of them at an auction. I sold one by displaying it like this. Then I decided to keep this one.
Here is the sink all finished. Joe built the counter top and tiled it. We simply hung a skirt around the bottom storage area with hook and loop tape. Makes it super easy to wash.
Ahhh, the trim around the floor. Have I told you how happy that makes me? Oh yes, I guess I have. If you are a do-it-your-selfer, slowly renovating a house, you probably know how I feel.
One of the commenters on a previous post about the bathroom wanted to see the sink. This is the new kohler sink we got at a garage sale for a dollar and then had to splurge on the faucet to get one that fit. It's not especially fancy, but it was the only one set up for a sink like this one. If it ever breaks I think we might be able to use a kitchen faucet.
I have to say the brass finish is lasting very's a Kohler faucet. This style sink is wonderful for washing your hair in...and great for bathing a baby too!

It feels so good to get this done and the bathroom back together.


Michele said...

Your bathroom came out so nice! Your husband did a fabulous job on the tiling, and that sink is awesome!!! I think you're so creative to use the baby crib rails as a magazine rack, and even if the fabric around the sink is to hide stuff, I think it adds a lot to the look of the bathroom. I'm glad you showed a close-up of the molding along the floor because it's very pretty and unique. I guess I could've just said I loved everything, LOL!!!


Sand Flat Farm said...

Bathroom looks great! I love your sink - it looks so elegant with the mirror & lights. Ya'll did a great job! Your kids are so purty (as we say here in Texas), both of them.
THanks for visiting Adam's my space. Just trying to help him get his name out there. We think he's good, so we'll see what happens!
I'd give my left arm for your glider. What a great find! have a great week! Vickie

A Lovely Thing said...

Nice! What a great idea for the crib rack, and I love that trim. I'm trying to convince my hubby to replace all of ours - it's small and so uninspiring.

Judy said...

Nice Job! I too love the magazine rack. That is such a neat idea.

Dot said...

Great job! You'll have to come and see my new "entry".

Judy said...

Hey Joyce, I tagged you for a meme if you want to play along.