Thursday, August 02, 2007

Superman, Band Camp and Dinnerware

Yup, those are the subjects of this post. Colleen has been trooping off to band camp every day in this heat. Monday was superhero day....
Apparently the flute section has been kicking butt at camp. Go flutes!
And this is the dinnerware...we are carrying Feed on the Word dinnerware at the shop now. Each piece has a different scripture. I love the idea of having the word before you at each meal.

PS. Our hearts go out to all in Minneapolis...such a tragedy happening there.


BeccaMarie said...

Go flutes! Love it! I was a total bandgeek in High! I love your new dinnerware! I'm proud of the set I found at a yard sale last year...a Noritake service for 8 for $10...replacement value is $600! I do like yours better though.

Allison said...

Hi Joyce, thank you so much for the well wishes to us in MSP. I feel so terrible for the people affected. As for a brighter note, I love your daughter's costume. She is adorable!! Also, love the table setting - so pretty.