Thursday, February 15, 2007

Bag Sale!

Our local charity shop is clearing out the winter stuff...fill a bag for a dollar! I got some wool sweaters, wool skirts and jumpers, and corduroy. All for $2! Yea! Now to wash it all within an inch of it's life...hope it all felts nicely. Might not be able to find wool as easily now that everyone is getting ready for spring. I picked up the corduroy to try and make a hobo bag for the rest of the winter. They are jumpers and already have neat reinforced pockets that will make a nice front for the bag.

I'm searching for some before pics so I can do a post about renovating our back porch. Hopefully I can find them and get it together sometime tomorrow.

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VaxGirl said...

I love felted items! My cats love thier cat beds I made last year from thrift shop sweaters. I am looking forward to your back porch pictures. My back porch is one of my favorite parts of my house.