Thursday, February 22, 2007

About that Porch....

So, I finally found all the pics and took a few today...brrrr...cold out on the porch today!

Here's our house before we did the back "porch." As you can see a driveway leads to was some kind of little carport. I'm not sure what we're going to do with that drive....

A little closer before. It had a hodge podge of windows...some was just a mess.
Here it is after. As you can see we do not have central air yet, so you get the pretty window air conditioners. We used the Screen Tight system and we bought it at Lowes. In fact all the supplies except the concrete and paint came from Lowes.
I can't believe I'm even showing this. This whole area was always stacked up with stuff to keep it out of the weather and it was awful looking...unfortunately we use this door all the time. It was dark and ugly and didn't have screens or glass in some of the windows, so it basically became an ugly storage shed...that you walked through to go inside :(
After. Soooo much better. It's actually one of our favorite rooms now. Water used to run in from outside because this floor was lower than the concrete outside...we added a several more inches of dyed concrete and now it's nice and dry!

After. We finished off the walls in siding matching our exterior siding. The ceiling is covered in beadboard:

Before (someone was even braver with color than I!):

Before, coming in from the garage and patio:
After (in the cold...please excuse our kindling piled up there!):
Here's a shot of the ceiling just because I really like how it came out. Joe installed fixtures he salvaged from an old enamel. The trap door leads to a little storage space above the porch. We are going to replace that old seventies door with one salvaged from a victorian home near here.

All the work was done by my husband, Uncle Bob, my dad, Joe's dad and Joe's friend Tom. And then my mom and sisters and I painted. They spent a lot of hours helping us and we are eternally grateful!


VaxGirl said...

It's beautiful, you all did a wonderful job! I love the beadboard, my porch ceiling is stained beadboard, but I really like the white.

Does your home actually have 2 porches(that makes me woozy, lol)?

Plain Jane said...

Congrats on the lovely 'new' sunroom! The hard work paid off.