Monday, March 23, 2015

Wooden and easy.

 Until this winter, I'd not been home enough during the day to realize how the glare from these windows would be strong enough to even wash out the TV. I love the old  windows though, and don't want to cover them too much.
 These are some cheap wooden blinds I'd had in a room at the shop. With the move at the shop, I took them down and brought them home. They are the perfect width for these windows! woot! Pretty much free blinds! I did shorten them a bit so they wouldn't be so heavy.
One down, one to go. I think it's going to work! You can see it cuts the glare quite a bit, and when they are up, the pretty old windows are still showing off.
 All done! I think it looks pretty good and solves the problem just fine!

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