Sunday, September 22, 2013

Decorating the Porch

 Here's the porch when I moved in. I mostly just cleaned it up with a hose and broom, and then proceeded to make it home. I took off the triple track storm frame and found this, so I scraped and painted a bit of trim:

Then I moved some furniture in and hung some lights. The vintage glider was a birthday present from my parents years ago. My mom saw it at a garage sale and knew I'd love it. Someday I'd like to take it to the body shop and have it painted red. The rug is from Pier One. It's supposed to be for outdoors, and the instructions say to hose it off when it needs more than vacuuming.  That will be so much easier than having it cleaned, so I hope it lives up to those instructions! I love all the colors in it.

 Before cleaning and moving in and...
 after...that hammock is my favorite place to read. It's going to be getting cold soon, and I'll miss my porch.
Remember those little plants in an earlier post? They went haywire and got nice and big!


Peggy said...

It is a very comfy place to relax and chat!

Warren Ludwig said...

Don't give up on enjoying the porch when it gets colder. Long johns, a sleeping bag, and a little space heater would do the trick! Love what you've done to spruce it up.