Thursday, May 27, 2010

Road Trip to Daytona

My mom and I headed out of town to catch a little sun in Daytona Beach. One day we attended a fun party for the standard poodle group on Flickr. Hawkeye had a great time, and the pics from that will make a whole post on it's own....22 poodles running around!

Mom and I

Jenny rented us a room at her grandparent's place on the beach. Jenny and her husband are doing a wonderful renovation of their house and there are lots of pics on her blog if you're into home renovation.

This is the view out the window of our room. At Daytona Beach you can drive your car right down to the beach and park....unique! Handy too. We saw lots of families coming for the day with all their can tailgate right on the beach. The sand here is extreemly fine and packs down hard, so you see lots of people biking on the beach as well as driving.

While we were in the south we made sure to eat plenty of BBQ and key lime pie.

On the way home we stopped at St. Augustine. It's a beautiful city. Here is the lighthouse, peeking through the live oaks. Look at that pretty.

Yup, I climbed all the way up...
got very hot in the process....

and was rewarded with a beautiful view and a stiff breeze to help me cool down.

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