Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Cowboy Garden Party...

...that's what you get when my sister Jennifer throws a party for her little boy. She and Kevin have a beautiful garden on their country property. I thought you might like to see pics.

Kevin built this arbor from osage orange...it should outlive everyone at the party! The wistera on it was blooming so beautifully!

Handsome Cole boys. Mike, our son, is in the middle. The others are his twin cousins, Steven and Jake. Steven looks just like his dad. Jake looks just like his uncle (good thing they are twins! ;o)) and Mike looks like a combo of Joe and I.

Kids are never allowed to ride in pickup beds these days...but just for today, they were allowed (with adult supervision) to do just that on the little ride to the pond to fish.

Mike, Jill, Colleen and Brandy

The birthday boy...he has a huge collection of toy cowboy guns. He armed each little party goer as they arrived. I think this was a surprise to my sister, and not very p.c. but they had a blast! Apparently 8 year olds are not into considering the political correctness of their party plans!


Waiting for cake!

Looks like a tea party here.

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Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

What a great layout! I love the arbor. Family rocks, doesn't it? I'm glad everyone got to Cowboy Up for the party. haha ~Mindy