Monday, September 03, 2007

Biking and Garden Junk

Today Joe and I took a bike ride on the Fox River Aqueduct Trail...which wasn't so great because it's still pretty muddy from the flooding last week. I fell and got myself all muddy.
We tried to stop in to eat at this little deli, but they were closed for the holiday. Don't they have great garden junk?! I don't know what all this stuff is. It was a cheese shop and deli...and I think some of this stainless stuff is dairy equipment.
These begonias look cute in the old coffee pot.

We ended up at the river..the water is mesmerizing. This was just an ugly bridge pier reflecting in the water, but it sure looks pretty with the sun on it.


Julie said...

Oh - that looks nice and unlike my life! ha ha

pedalpower said...

Oh well, you're probably more caught up than I am...I sure left everything in a big mess and a pile of laundry to be done to go on this bike ride. But guess what? It was all there waiting for me when I got back! ;)

DJ Norton said...

Greetings from another Illinois blogger, only at the other end of the state. Early every morning I meander thru the blogs and this morning I meandered into yours thru another one I read. And I thought I've known this person forever -- so just had to comment. I'm a novice blogger but when you have a minute check out my liite slice of paradise.
Donna Love your blog -it's going in the favs.

Felicia said...

Love your beautiful flowers. I think my husband has that same recumbent bike.

sa said...
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