Friday, November 17, 2006

Apple Hat

A couple of weeks ago we went to a baptism for our newest family member. Isn't she a doll!? This is the little hat I made for her. It's still a little big on her at the moment, but I'll bet it will be perfect in no time...they grow sooo fast!
This is the first felted item I am trying...the yarn is so beautiful! It's a bag and I can't wait to see what it is like when it comes out of the washer. I have it done and I just have to work up the courage to wash it. I actually knit this twice. I finished the body of the bag the first time and wondered why I had only used half the yarn....of course I had knitted it single strand and it is supposed to be double. So I pulled it out and started over. Yikes.


Deb said...

Thanks so much for your recent visit & comments on my blog. I hope the potholder tutorial is helpful to you.
Your blog looks wonderful; I will have to explore!

Joanne said...

That hat is adorable! And I love the colors on the bag. I can't wait to see it felted.