Wednesday, May 25, 2005

My Dream Treehouse

I have always loved little hidey holes. When I was a kid I used to make a nest in a closet and read or sometimes I used my Granddad's old boat that had a little cabin. I have always wanted a tree house--and at 42 years old I still do! I am actually afraid of heights but a treehouse seems like it would be sturdy enough that I could get into it. When I was a kid I sometimes climbed trees in spite of my fear because I loved to sit up there hidden in the leaves.

My dream grown up treehouse would have:
  • a non-scarey way to get up there
  • screens to keep the mosquitos out
  • a hammock to read in
  • I could use an oil lamp, but electricty would be the berries (for dark rainy day's)
  • tin roof over part of it--for rainy days-love that sound

Unfortunately, most of the trees around our house are on city property. The couple in our yard would not make good treehouse hosts. My aunt has a farm near here that probably has some possibilities. I'll have to scout that out. Her grandkids would love it if we made one!


Adrienne said...

I would love a treehouse too, and so would Cay. She has a nice little nest in her closet right now too! I love your links by the way, the sculptor in WI blows me away!!

pedalpower said...

Cay sounds like a girl after my own heart. Cay is such a pretty name too........I've never heard it before.
Someday I would love to go to tour that garden! You have to have at least 10 people before they will set up a tour though. She has such an imagination!

lydia said...

My sister has designed her own tree-house/family compound with boardwalks and tree cabins. Now we just need a coupla million bucks to make it a reality.